Welcome!  You have landed on the correct to apply for a scholarship. Cross Culture Snapper Tank aims to privately award scholarships on an annual basis.  These scholarships are privately funded and are named after the following Matriarchs and Patriarchs of the Cross Lineage, below is a list of the named scholarships:

  • Claris May Duffus-Lunan Scholarship: Student who will attend or is already attending College/University in pursuit of any field of study.
  • Princess Leachman-Facey Scholarship:  Pursuit of any certificate from a Trade/Vocational School.
  • Lee Roy Duffus Scholarship: Pursuit of any degree within the field of Business Administration.
  • Keith Duffus Scholarship: Pursuit of any degree within the field of Applied Science.
  • Patricia Haye-Richards Scholarship: Pursuit of any degree within the field of Education.
  • Edith Duffus-Thompson: Scholarship: Pursuit of any degree within the Medical Field.



    • Must be a member of the family – extent to be determined by the Scholarship Committee.
    • Must be a High School graduate enrolled or continuing Collage, University, or Trade School.


The following are important dates for the applications.

Scholarship ActionsDue Dates
Application Deadline7/03/2022
Scholarship Committee Review Completion7/25/2022
Scholarship recipients notification by email7/31/2022
Scholarship Award Presentation8/6/2022

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Cross Culture Snapper Tank Scholarship.  Application for a scholarship can be made here on this page.  You are requested to complete the application form in its entirety.  Please be sure to review section 1 for the eligibility requirements and then complete section 2 through 4 of the application