Past Events


Tanks hosts its first Telethon to raise money for scholarships and organization administration.


Fish Fry Event


June 19, 2021, Snapper Tanks hosts its first Fish Fry in NYC to raise money for scholarships and organization administration.


Scholarship Awards

August 7, 2021, Snapper Tank holds its first Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony. Four scholarships were awarded.


Group Meetings

All members of our family are welcome and encouraged to attend Cross Culture Snapper Tank meetings.  These meeting are published on our calendar of events.  We look forward to your participation in serving on our various committees  and leadership team. Speak to our leaders or send us a note directly through the contact page. We welcome your suggestions.



Business Advice Panel

April 25, 2020, Christian Duffus, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Founder @Fonbnk gives presentation on starting and financing a business.


Affiliated Events:  

Stay Plugged in to our Events The affiliated events listed or described in this area are activities or organizations that  forms a base support to Cross Culture Snapper Tank.   We want to ensure that all family members stay plugged in to these events. This is our way of promoting family interactions and promotions.
  • Family Reunion
  • Thanksgiving Celebrations
  • Christmas Get-Together




Excited Organizers of the Fish Fry