Welcome to Cross Culture Snapper Tank

Education and business advice today for better Opportunities tomorrow
Our Purpose

The purpose of Cross Culture Snapper Tank Group is to reward academic performance by awarding scholarships and enabling incubation of ideas and business ventures for a generation of successful entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

To encourage and promote education, professional and business success for descendants of the Cross Family. 

We Appreciate Your Donations

We believe in strengthening our family. Education has always been and continue to be a primary emphasis of the family. The methods we use includes providing scholarships, and having our members with more expertise and experience help the beginners, self-starters and existing entrepreneurs.

Scholarships for Students

Cross Culture Snapper Tank aims to privately award scholarships on an annual basis. These scholarships are privately funded. 


Business Advice for Entrepreneurs

The Business Advisory Committee provides advice to aspiring and current entrepreneurs within the family. Owning and operating a business effectively can create jobs, financial freedom, and wealth…