Business Advice

The Business Advisory Committee provides advice to aspiring and current entrepreneurs within the family. Owning  and operating a business effectively can create jobs, financial freedom, and wealth. The business world is challenging but can be rewarding. The constantly changing environment means that business owners must be able to  adjust and adapt to new conditions. Some aspiring entrepreneurs may not know where or how to start. Some existing entrepreneurs may be encountering existing business challenges and looking for resolutions. One wrong decision can be very costly for a business.  Experienced business owners can help new owners lessen the occurrence of critical mistakes. The committee is made up of members who have expertise and/or experience in business. If you are starting a new business or managing an existing business where you need advice, click the contact button below and complete the short request.



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Business Request Process

To complete a request for advise on a specific project please read the information in the Statement of Intent, complete and submit Form A as a minimum. You will complete Form B if you are already further along in the planning or development stage of your business or have a business plan.





This statement of intent (SOI) defines the Cross Culture Snapper Tank Group advisory team’s  approach, objectives,  areas of focus and scope.  It further defines project-specific activities, deliverables and timelines for Cross Culture (CC) entrepreneurs who have submitted requests or have been selected by the advisory team  to further explore the  feasibility of  developing their projects.  



This document has been prepared for informational purposes and is not intended to (a) constitute legal advice (b) be advertising or a solicitation of any type. Each situation is highly fact specific and is further defined in additional documents developed by the entrepreneurs and the advisory team  separate from this statement of intent. 



The overall intent of the Cross Culture Snapper Tank advisory team  is to serve as the forum for encouraging education, professional and business success for descendants of the Cross Family. The encouragement will be done through selecting and recommending awards of scholarships, and providing business input and guidance. This effort will be led by the Cross Culture Snapper Tank advisory team with input from family members.  The Cross Culture Snapper Tank advisory team  will attempt to determine the following:

  1.  Review and provide feedback to proposals from CC entrepreneurs for assistance in assessing the viability of the plans and projects
  2. Review the entrepreneur’s brief, succinct request for assistance  of no more than 3 pages to include their proposal outlining the problem being addressed, the proposed solution, and the qualifications for implementing the solution.
  3. Assist in coaching the entrepreneur, if requested, to improve the content and direction of the service being offered
  4. Assist in recommending  sources of funding for approved projects where appropriate.  Sources of funds may include foundation grants, micro lending, crowd funding or direct loans.
  5. Create focused sub work groups by leveraging select family members with defined skills to participate in the selection schedule, and review process.